Mission & Purpose

Mission & Goal

The Food and Welfare Association was established with the sole purpose of promoting and preserving the tradition of Albanian food and products, as well as enhancing the quality of service in the field of hotel and tourism.

The hotel-tourism sector is the most important part of sustainable economic development for Albania, especially focusing on vocational education. Therefore SHUM is focused on raising the standard of the sector and supporting positive change.

Our program is aimed at membership of local producers, bars, restaurants, hotels and various entities that are part of this sector. On the basis of membership and wide participation, a generation of professionals will be qualified to serve the Albanian tourism industry and the Albanian tradition.

As part of the training and employment project, trainings are conducted based on European standards and at the end they are awarded with relevant certificates aiming at employing trainees in the ESA cooperative structures.

The mission of the Food and Welfare Association based on its statutes, counseling, training, training by specialists for general and vocational education.

The ‘Food and Welfare Association’ contributes to:

– Development of economic activities of its members, at home and abroad

– Comprehensive participation in the economic, professional, cultural spectrum.

– Participation in activities such as fairs, opening of promotion centers and cooperation with counterpart associations at home and abroad.

– Development of professional courses in various branches of hotel-tourism

– Developing and enhancing professional ethics for SHUM members, impacting Horeca capacity building in our country.

– Organizing and participating in national and international competitions

– Mediation for employment of trainees and professional staff of the sector.

– Promoting the tradition of Albanian food and products.

– Increasing the quality of service in the field of hotel-tourism.

– Preservation, improvement and presentation of tourism values ​​in Albania.

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