Our history

The ‘Food and Welfare Association’ (EWA/SHUM) is an independent, non-profit, apolitical
non-governmental organization that extends its activity throughout the territory of the Republic
of Albania.
The Association was established based on the existing legal framework for the registration of
non-profit organizations and was registered with the Tirana Judicial District Court by Decision
No. 3988, dated 03.10.2014.
There are currently approximately 250 active membership members in this association. The
creation of the ‘Food and Welfare Association’ was born in response to the continuing need for
improved standards in the food and hospitality industry. The main contribution Association gives
the offering, advice and assistance to its members, and professional in the food sector and
hospitality for future professionals, promotion and improvement of relations between members,
collaboration with domestic and foreign partners for vocational training and for employment
projects etc.
The organizational structure of the Association consists of:

  • The general Assembly
  • Governing Council
  • The President
  • Secretary General
  • Branches of the Association
  • Honorary Chairman
  • Academic Consultative Council
  • Members

In 2016 MORE established a similar association “New Chefs & Cooks Association” which is
now part of the “WORLDCHEFS” (World Association of Chefs).

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