About Us

About Us

The Food and Welfare Association (SHUM) was founded for the main purpose of promoting and maintaining the tradition of food and Albanian products, as well as enhancing the quality of service in the field of hotel and tourism.

The Hotel-Tourism Sector is the most important part of sustainable economic development for Albania, especially focusing on vocational education. Therefore, SHUM has focused on increasing the standard of this sector and supporting a positive change.

Through our program, our membership consist of: domestic producers, bars, restaurants, hotels and various industries that are part of this sector. Through membership and participation, we aim to produce a foster qualified professionals which will improve the quality of the hotel and tourism industry and preserve Albanian traditions.

Also through the training and employment project, which is carried out under the best conditions, according to European standards, protected with the relevant certificates aimed at hiring the trainees in the cooperative structures of SHUM and our associates.

The mission of the Food and Welfare Association (established under Law 7580, dated 07/07/1994), is: counseling, training, training through specialists for general and vocational education.

The purpose of the association, in accordance with the conditions provided by the relevant laws, is to contribute to:

-Professional ethics

-Developing the economic activities of its members, both domestically and internationally

-Development of professional courses in various branches of the industry that are developed in the Republic of Albania and Kosovo. The objectives of our activity consist of:

-Inclusive participation in economics, professionalism, and culture.

-Participating in activities such as: fairs, opening of promotion centers and cooperation with similar associations within and outside the country.

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