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Olive Oil Subashi

Olive Oil Subashi is one of the largest companies in the country for processing olive oil. We are a producer of extra virgin and virgin olive oil.

Our Olives are located in Marikaj, Tirana, in an area known for ancient times to grow several hundred years old olives. The main variety is the Calvinist Olive, an olive oil of great nutritional value and anti-carcinogenic.

Olive oil “Subashi” also produces spicy olive oil combined with medicinal and aromatic plants, as well as olive-based cosmetic products.

Subashi oil is honored with the “Quality Vulnerability” 2014 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Management. We are also valued with a number of awards at the national olive oil fairs and contests in the country.

Currently we market these products :

1. Extra virgin olive oil, where acidity ranges from 0.8%

There are four ways of production and consequently 4 extra virgin olive oils that we trade in our stores. Price: 800 -1100 Lek (depending on fruit maturation)

For a good extra virgin olive oil:

-Fresh Olives.

-Processing at low temperatures and stainless steel

-Stainless steel storage and low temperatures

2. Cosmetic Products

Olive oil has tremendous value for human skin and hair. thanks to the combination of medicinal plants we grow in our gardens, we have been able to produce and market olive oil specially for the cosmetic industry, which has given extraordinary effects. These products can be purchased in our stores, where we also serve as a consumer product, but also as a gift model, accompanied by the necessary packaging for such cases. (Prices for these products start from 350 ALL, depending on quantity and type of product)

3. Exfoliating on plates or spices

We have found wonderful combinations of olive oil with medicinal and aromatic plants. A lace-up, a sherry branch, etc., carefully dried and bottled in olive oil bottles, create a special flavoring product for your cooking. The aroma feels as soon as you’ve cooked with these exalting products, which we offer in fine and beautiful glass packaging.

(Prices start at 500 l depending on the quantity and cost of the product packaging)

… ..We will find taste and quality for your tables ..

…. We welcome you to our showrooms!

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