Canton’s activity

The company has been operating on the market since 1992. Founded on 29 January 1996 and registered on 05 February 1996, now with the name of “Three Brothers” and administrator Mr. Haydi Tufa in the field of wine production and alcoholic beverages.

Prices and quality have made the product perceived as a popular product and popular with a large customer base, where consumers find the product in all popular retail, grocery stores and restaurants. Distribution of the product is realized by the company itself with its distribution tools and is presented in the market by sales and marketing agents.


The company’s products include the entire spectrum of colors, tastes and packaging. In its beginnings, the company was introduced to the market with traditional varieties of Black Square Shesh, White Square and Cabernet, Merlot – French variety. Already the company is introduced to the market with red wines:

  • Older Merlot and Older Cabernet, very popular in the market * (Merlot and cabernet are cultivars of French origin).

          Its discarded Merlot-Cabernet Reserve, valued by renowned and widely liked enologists.

In the market the company is also presented with white wines:

  • White Chestnut Grove and Chardonay
  • Finally, part of the company’s product range are;
  • Vera Roze e Lundrës *Innovative and unique in its kind, cutting of four types of grapes.

Sweet wines:

– Shesh- Verë e ëmbël

– Chardonay-Verë e Ëmbël

– Muskat- Verë e Ëmbël.

* Sweet wines are novelty for the Albanian market and we are the only cantina that produces sweet wines.

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