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Bio Trade

Bio Trade Albania, inspired by nature.

Bio Trade Albania has started importing and distributing fruit and vegetables, natural and organic products in 2016. Focusing on quality and customer service, the company is gradually evolving, combining tradition with innovation. By not compromising on quality and ensuring that fruits and vegetables are absolutely fresh, our company guarantees that customers receive products that are always healthy and tasty.

Thanks to the great domestic and foreign suppliers, we are able to supply the widest range of fruits and vegetables throughout the year. We fully utilize our experience and respond to seasonal price changes by supplying our customers with products at reasonable prices.

Why this kind of business?

Developments in science and technology over time have boosted preferential consumer models for a healthy and comfortable life. Consumer awareness, in terms of nutrition and health, has led to a demand for natural products and foods that contain high nutritional qualities.

Fruits and vegetables are the best food for our body. They contain all nutrients essential vitamins, minerals, fibers and calories that form resistance to disease.

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